November 4, 2013

I Bought More Yarn

Yeah. I did. That will have to be the last yarn buying for 2013 though. I keep my yarn a certain way and I don't have room for more so...I have to use some up before I can buy more. Just makes sense, right?

I got such a good deal though! They were each about $2. Here's the sad bit. Part of me wishes I had bought more. Plus there was sock yarn on clearance and it would have been under $2/skein. I don't even make socks.

I have a problem.

Because I know I will buy more yarn at some point and 2014 really isn't that far away (it's November already?!?), I am working on decreasing my stash. There's still some time for me to make scarves and hats for charity as well as what I'm making for gifts.

Busy, busy!

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