February 7, 2014

No Light, No Light

If you've seen anything lately from me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I was sick. Well, I was sick...then I ended up at the hospital. Fun times...

I'm home and my sinus stuff is getting better, but I'm dealing with the other issues. The main one of those that immediately prevents me from being online or whatever for very long is my eye. I have scratches on my eye and everything is intensely bright to me even if I wear sunglasses and turn the brightness down. So, I've been trying to take it easy which means not a lot of computer time.

My eye is somewhat better today so I tried to get some stuff done though I'm nowhere near caught up. I did finish editing a video though I'm sure it's not the best editing I've ever done. That will go live a little later today. I won't update this blog with that until tomorrow or maybe later. I might sweet talk my husband into doing it for me since my eye is starting to tell me to get off this computer and go sit in a dark room soon.

I just wanted to get on here and let everyone know what was going on. I would post a picture that I took, but I looked so horrible. I couldn't really see anything so I had no idea how bad I looked until today when I could open my eyes for more than a couple seconds. Even the other one is super sensitive to light. Maybe because of all the dark room or maybe just the one eye is overwhelming my brain with brightness and causing the better one to freak out too. I don't know.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing better than I am. If it's freezing where you are like it is near me, please stay warm and safe and don't go out in the crappy weather if you don't have to. Take care!

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