September 14, 2015

Show And Tell #10 - Now With Show Notes!

Hey, everyone! I'm actually doing show notes now! I never intended to do them, but I've had a few requests for links and things so I thought I should just do what I need to do and write the show notes. No biggie! I will be going back and making show notes for the previous episodes as well over the next couple of weeks so if you follow this site on a blog reader (Feedly, Bloglovin, etc.), you might see a couple of extra posts thrown in because I know I didn't make pages for every episode.

Onto the notes!


-  The weather has been amazing! Is it Autumn yet? If you have any recommendations of places that stay between freezing point and 70-75F, please let me know!

-  I've been decluttering my house. It's amazing how much stuff works its way into a home after years of living there. I used to be able to move everything in my car (ah, college), but now...well, there's a lot of excess that's got to go. I'm not planning on piling my belongings into a car, but I'd like not to have to get two U-Hauls if we decide to move!

-  Youtube has been having an issue with comments. It seems like the notification system has changed or something because I wasn't getting alerts when I got a new comment. Just letting you all know!

-  I will be going to A Wool Gathering this weekend. Hope to see you all there!


-  I thought I had nothing finished until I remembered I had finished a baby headband using the Genius Headband pattern by Elizabeth Alan.


-  My cardigan is down to just the sleeves! I'm using Bernat Cotton-ish in the Spinning Jenny colorway. The pattern is Mama Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker and this will be the second one that I've made. I am modding it a bit by using size 9 needles for DK weight yarn and I did increases on every row for the front panel. The needles I'm using are Chiaogoo Twist Red Lace Interchageables and it's living in a Fat Squirrel Fibers project bag.

-  I'm doing plain socks as a gift for my mom. No pattern specifically, but they are cuff down with a gusset heel (or will be once I actually get to the heel). I'm using Knit Picks Felici in the Highland colorway (not currently being sold). I'm using US Size 1 (2.25mm) needles from Knit Picks. I'm using another Fat Squirrel Fibers project bag to house them.


-  I want to make the Flaming June cardigan by Cheryl Niamath so I bought some yarn (really too much for the pattern, but I figured I'd have extra anyway so I bought even more so I'd be able to make something with the leftovers. Logic is weird...or at least mine is! The yarn I bought was Hawthorne Kettle Dyed in Slate and Blackbird by Knit Picks.


-  I finished up all the NCIS available on Netflix and am not so sure about the last couple of seasons. Ziva is definitely missed, let's just put it that way.

-  The new season of Doctor Who starts this weekend and I rewatched the latest season since it's on Netflix now. I'm very excited for the new season to start!

Okay...those are notes! What do you all think? Would you prefer even more detail? Let me know in the comments here or on Youtube. See you next time!

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