February 1, 2018

DIY Niddy Noddy From PVC

Today we're making a niddy noddy out of PVC! If you're not sure what to do with a niddy noddy check out this post where I show you how to use one. Typically when you buy one, it is made of wood, but PVC has three major advantages for most people. First, it's water proof. This can come in handy if you've ever had to add a bit of tension when you're washing handspun or commercial yarn. Two, it's very cost effective. I purchased all of the materials except the saw for around $5. If you don't have a saw on hand, ask your hardware store to cut the items to the right size for you. Most stores have someone who can help or even a self-serve cutting station. The last advantage to a PVC niddy noddy is the fact that you can make one yourself so easily! So let's get started!

To make the niddy noddy you will need the following:
  • 1/2 inch PVC pipe. I purchased a 5 ft. length.
  • Two 1/2 inch PVC slip tees
  • Four 1/2 inch slip caps
  • A cutting instrument. I am just using a handsaw.
  • Sandpaper (optional)
Step 1:

Cut the PVC Pipe to the following sizes 
  • 6 inch piece x 4
  • 18 inch piece (makes a 2 yd niddy noddy)
If you would like to make a niddy noddy of a different size, replace the 18 inch piece with a 13.5 inch piece to make a 1.5 yard niddy noddy or a 9 inch piece to make a 1 yd niddy noddy. If you purchased the 5 ft length of pipe like I did, you will have enough to make an interchangeable sized niddy noddy by cutting one of the other lengths to swap out with the middle piece when needed. Your usage will vary, but I use the 2 yard and the 1 yard options most frequently.

Step 2 (optional):

Sand any rough edges.

Step 3:

Place the 6 inch pieces in the side openings of the tee joints.

Step 4:

Place end caps on the exposed ends of the PVC pipe. You should now have something that resembles the letter I.

Step 5:

Place the longer piece of PVC in the lower opening of both the tee joints.

Step 6:

Hold one end at the tee joint and turn it 90 degrees so that it makes a cross with the other end of the niddy noddy.

There you have it! Your very own niddy noddy! Click here for a video showing how to use it to make hanks of yarn!


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