October 10, 2013

Easy Origami Bats

I really like origami. There's something sort of relaxing about it. Plus, you're left with fun little things once you're done! Hm...maybe I should video my jumping frog that I make when I want to impress all of the cool kids. Okay, not really, but it is cute. So yeah, I might do that soon...

Anyway, today I'm talking about bats. You know...the things that turn into vampires or Severus Snape. Well, in some lore at least. You don't have to worry about these bats turning into anything or anyone. They are a little addictive though!

These little guys are so easy to make and can be strung up from the ceiling or hung on the wall. You can do whatever you like with them. I made these for my Halloween decorations this year and I think people are going to go 'batty' for them. Okay...yeah...someone should take puns away from me. :)

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