March 1, 2014

Yarn Buying Ban!

While I was recording the video I posted yesterday, I said that I was thinking about not allowing myself to buy anymore yarn for a while. I have decided that for the month of March, I will not buy any more yarn. I have plenty and plenty to do with it so there is no reason for me to buy more. I am having yarn storage space issues as it is.

I think I'm going to put those lovely emails telling me about all the amazing deals, sales, and coupons directly in the trash this month. No temptation! I am going to try and stay out of the craft stores when at all possible, though I do know one thing that I do have to buy (pipe cleaners) because I've been working on a bunny ear hat pattern and I want the ears to stand up on their own. But other than that...I don't see any reason for me to buy anything craft related.

I am actually going to spend March trying to get ahead. I have so many video ideas and I want to see how many I can film, edit, and upload. I would really love to have some videos ready to go in case I come down with some random plague. There was a 12 day gap without a video in February and I want to try and be consistent. I like the idea of 2 videos a week and I'd like to make sure I've planned ahead so that that tentative schedule doesn't get disrupted.

So yeah...there won't be any haul videos this month unless I randomly win some yarn or receive some as a gift. All of that time not spent in a craft store or perusing online shops will hopefully be put to good use. On top of the videos, I really should update my Ravelry page with some more pictures, and I'm working on my Hitchhiker. So yeah...plenty to do! :D

And because I feel like posting a photo, here's a picture of the hitchhiker scarf that I posted on Instagram:

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