November 23, 2015

Show And Tell #15 - My Harry Potter Patronus


- Early Thanksgiving went well. I was a bit tired by the end of it, so I didn't do as much as I wanted, but that's how it goes sometimes!

- My wedding anniversary was last week (6 years!) and we ended up just having a bit of a stay-cation. We had thought about going out of town, but in the end we just needed to relax at home. We did watch movies (which I forgot to mention in the podcast) and did a little bit around the house.

- We also put my office back together. As in, I have things on my walls again, yay! We also redid the cable management and I replaced the broken bookcase. Good times!


- I finished things for my swap partner as part of the Secret Santa swap I'm doing as part of the TGIF group over on Ravelry. I am soooo close to sending the package on the way, but don't worry. I will film what I'm sending before I send it so you all can see too once my person receives his/her package!

- I finished a painting that I forgot to talk about on the last podcast so I'm throwing it in this time since I have finished nothing else that I can show you. It's not high art or anything, but it anchors the room as well as somehow managing to make the ceilings look higher. Maybe the points just do that? Who knows, but I like it!


- I did very little on the socks for my mom and the shawl so I don't show those this week.

- I'm still working on the Graham hat, but I don't have much left to do. I will be making another though since this one is a little too snug for my husband's noggin. :)

- My started forever ago chevron blanket got some work completed on it. When it's cold, I pull this blanket out and work on it. Can I get it done before the end of the year? Goodness, I hope so! It's pretty and I can't wait to snuggle up in it without having a crochet hook stuck in there so I don't lose it, ha!


- I bought the Harry Potter coloring book!!!! It's pretty good, but I haven't colored on it yet so I can't give too much of a review on the quality of the pages or anything.

- Knit Picks started their Cyber Sale and I lost my mind and bought all of the yarns! Okay, not really, but the giant box sitting on my floor right now might tell another story. I actually have a much smaller box on its way and once it arrives, I'll do a haul video showing off the wool piggery of it all. Send good thoughts that I can actually find room for it all!


- I am re-watching The Office and I still love that show! Oh, it's great. I believe this will be the third time that I've watched it all the way through (the first time being when it was on the air). Maybe it's because I've worked in offices before, but that show just gets me.

- I forgot to mention that we watched movies over the week. We Redboxed Inside Out and Jurassic World. Both good movies, though I liked Inside Out better of the two. What an interesting way to describe the inner-workings of a brain! Awesome!

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