December 10, 2015

Yarn-Wrapped Wreath Ornament

I love a yarn-wrapped wreath...I just do! I even made one to hang on my front door a couple of years ago. It's not on the door year-round, but when it gets brought out I am all smiles! It also weighs a lot because I used a straw wreath-form...  Not these though! 

The Yarn-Wrapped Wreath Ornament is much less likely to collapse your tree because it uses cardboard as it's wreath-form and it's also tiny. You know, ornament sized like ornaments usually are. Imagine that!

The one I made for this tutorial is on the simpler side. I didn't add much embellishment, but you could and I might when I make more of them. You can find lots of things in the floral department or the holiday section of your local craft store to add to these. Little glittery berries or tiny birds. Whatever you're into. I just give you a jumping off point and you get to take it and run with it. Just let me know how it goes for you!

Only two more videos to go of the 12 days of Craftmas. I would put a sad face in there, but I've had so much fun so far so again I'm all smiles! :D

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