January 9, 2016

2016 Yarn Stash Flash

So. Much. Yarn. <---That is pretty much where I'm at right now as the video demonstrates so well! When it comes down to it, I love yarn! My stash is a little bigger than I would like it to be so I am going to focus on using up what I have versus buying a lot of new things for a while. If you checked out my 2016 Crafty Goals video, you will know that I put restrictions upon myself for what I could buy. My hope with that is to keep me from going, "Ooh, that's on sale. Must have." That only ends up to me buying lots of things that I don't have the room for.

Don't worry though! My house does not look like an episode of Hoarders or anything. I just have designated spots for yarn and some of the sock yarn that I bought had to go live on a shelf in my closet because there just wasn't room. I'll show you that at some point in the future.

I think it's good to drag out everything you have and take stock. If nothing else, it was much tidier when I put it all away! Have you flashed your stash recently?

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