April 4, 2016

Show And Tell #24 - Projects, Prizes, and Purchases

The Birthday Craft-Along is running through the end of the month so be sure to check that out. Also, let me know about the whole pom pom maker thing. :)  If I forgot to list something, please let me know!!! :D


- A basic hdc baby hat using scraps. At least I finished something so cute!


- Freezing June Cardigan by Cheryl Naimath -- I am using Knit Picks Hawthorne in Blackbird and Slate and my US 5 3.75mm Chiaogoo interchangeable needles. It's living in my Fat Squirrel Fibers project bag.

- The baby blanket I'm making a tutorial/pattern for is almost done! It would have been, but I was crocheting too hardcore and had to take a few days off to let that pulled muscle have a rest. Bodies are weird, yo!

- My Always cross-stitch project got a little work this time. The pattern is by RHT Embroidery.


- Um...lots of things. :)

- 2 Needle Minders -- a 9 3/4 Harry Potter themed one by Delicious Threads and an Anne of Green Gables book one by Pinoy Stitch. So many <3's!

- I bought a 300 pack of Bulb/Gourd/Calabash safety pins to use as stitch markers. I will be passing some of those along so be on the lookout!

- Knit Picks had a sale and I had to partake! I bought some sweater clasps, Fanciful Folk Art coloring book by Karla Gerard, Clover pom pom makers (and I made a pom pom for Mom's hat), a try-it set for the Caspian needles and some yarn for prizes (including the Felici in Candy Jar to go to one lucky person if we get 15 participants in the Birthday Craft-Along).


We are fixing up our house and oh, the projects! I won a prize from bobwilson123 for the Yarn Ban-Along so I'm really excited about that!


- The latest full season of Archer is on Netflix and I've been watching that. I've had a hard time getting into a new show so I put on a little Battlestar Galactica.

- Board Games!!! Honestly, I have a hard time not buying all of them. Of course, that's not possible, but still...my wish list grows! Now if only I could figure out a way to craft and play games at the same time! :)

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