September 21, 2015

Easy Chunky Infinity Scarf - Crochet Pattern

I came up with this crocheted infinity scarf because I wanted something that was quick and easy and a bit chunky! :) You use thick yarn and it goes by swiftly. You can easily change the size of the scarf based on your preferences too! 

Just a note... I made this tutorial back in February and was very kindly reminded that I hadn't put up the written instructions yet. I am so sorry if any of you were waiting for me to do this! I really thought I had, but alas, I was wrong. Better late than never, right!

Easy Chunky Infinity Scarf


- 1.5 Skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky (Listed as Super Bulky, but I think it's a bit closer to Bulky weight)
- Size L (8mm) Crochet Hook
- Tapestry Needle
- Scissors
- Stitch Marker (optional)

Pattern Notes

- The pattern repeat is 7 stitches across, so if you wish to change the length of the scarf make sure that your chain count is a multiple of 7, then add 6. 
- My scarf is approx. 50 inches in circumference and 6 inches wide.
- The initial chains at the beginning of a round do not count as a stitch to be worked into for this pattern. This helps make the join less noticeable. 
- If you have a hard time reading your work, use a stitch marker to mark the 1st completed stitch of each round so you know where to join into at the end.


- Ch = Chain Stitch
- Sl St = Slip Stitch
- Dc = Double Crochet Stitch


Ch 118. Join in round by sl st in 1st chain being careful not to twist.

Round 1:  Ch 2, Dc into same ch that you sl st in. (Place Stitch Marker into the top of that st if you need to). 2 Dc.  {Ch 2, Skip 2 chs, DC into next 5 chs} x 16.  Ch 2, sk 2 chs, Dc into next ch. Sl st into top of 1st Dc to join.

Round 2:  Ch 2, Dc into same st that you sl st in. (Place Marker if needed). 2 Dc.  {Ch 2, Skip 2 sts, Dc into next 5 sts} x 16. Ch 2, sk 2 sts, Dc into next st. Sl st into top of 1st Dc to join. 

Repeat round 2 until you have reached the width that you like. My scarf is 8 rows high. 

Bind off and weave in ends.  

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