Privacy Policy and Disclosures

Having a website means you have to post things like disclosures and privacy policies so I'm including them below. I want to be as transparent as possible so please let me know via comment or email (craftingwithclaudieATgmailDOTcom) if you have any questions or concerns.

Privacy Policy
*updated 1/24/2018*

Crafting With Claudie does not sell or disclose your information to an outside company. The site does use third-party advertising (Google Adsense) to display ads when you visit the website. Those ads are not chosen by me nor are they necessarily endorsed by me. Adsense uses cookies (Doubleclick) to track your visits to this site as well as others in order to provide ads that may be of interest to you. Please check here for more information or to opt out.

Third-Party Services

Crafting With Claudie is not responsible for business practices of third-party services that we utilize or to any website that we may link. Our privacy policy does not apply to any service or website beyond our own even if we may choose to link to it or have a business relationship with the service. We are not responsible for any content of linked sites or third-parties.

- Google Analytics - We use analytics to measure and track traffic and usage trends. They collect your information sent by your browser when you load the page. This information may include, but is not limited to, your browser, operating system, location, IP address. Please visit here for information about how Google uses your data. Please be aware that Google Analytics may use cookies.

- Google Adsense - The ads that appear on this site are generated by this third-party and are not chosen by me nor are they necessarily endorsed by me. Google Adsense uses cookies (ie Doubleclick).

- Amazon Affiliates - I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and therefore my links may be affiliate links. See disclosures below.

Other Information Collected

- Cookies - Third-party vendors and this website use cookies. Please check here for more information or to opt out.

- Comments - Any information you provide by using the comments is public and anyone can access it. Please be careful of what you post. Posting comments is voluntary.

- Personal Information - This information can include names, email addresses, and mailing addresses. There may be times where this information is needed to participate in an activity on the website (giveaway, comment, etc.). This information will only be used to contact you regarding that activity or to help provide you a service (ex. answer a question). With regards to giveaways, that information may have to be passed onto a third-party business affiliate in order to facilitate receiving your prize. Any third-party business affiliate should adhere to this privacy policy.

Use Of Information

Crafting With Claudie will only use your information to help provide you services and to improve the website (in regards to the analytics tracked).

Underage Policy

If you are under 13, please do not provide us with any information about yourself including your name, email address, mailing address, or telephone number. This site does not solicit personal information from those under 13 years of age nor does it knowingly collect such information.

*This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.*


- We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

- This website is a for profit site to help offset my expenses. Yarn costs money! Currently, the only ads I run are from Google Adsense. The only affiliate program I am using is through Amazon. While I have so far turned down sponsored posts, if the right opportunity came along, I may choose to accept such an offer. Being transparent is very important to me so I will let you know if a post ever is sponsored, an affiliate link used, or I received a product for free even if that product was not sent with any kind of requirement for me to share with you.

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