I like helping people and I like crafts. Put those together and you've got craft tutorials! Or at least that's how it worked out in my mind. The truth is, I've been helping people do crafts for a long time. I enjoy doing it. Maybe it's because I want more people to talk about yarn with, but when someone asks me to teach them how to do something (knit, sew, etc.), I'm on board! I had noticed that the frequency in which I was asked for help started to go on an upswing and, TA-DA!, Crafting With Claudie was created.

I do have interests besides crafting, though the quantity of my craft supplies might lead someone to think differently. I spend a lot of time creating imaginary worlds where cool things happen (a.k.a. writing). I also have an obsession with watching series of shows from beginning to end on Netflix. Board games, sci-fi, video games...really just too many to name, but creating is where my heart is.

See, once you start crafting, it's really hard to stop. I'll go ahead and apologize for that right now. It's worth it though. You'll have a really great time...at least you're supposed to! :)

~ Claudie


  1. Enjoyed your YouTube tutorials on knitting. I've recently finished a couple of hats and just have now started making a scarf. I get some funny looks at the craft store buying yarn, being that I'm the only 6'4" guy in there! But I really enjoy knitting as it is relaxing and rewarding to see the work that you create. Thanks again!

    1. Claudie, I too enjoy your tutorials. You explain things so well! I have been looking at the one called: Basic Beanie For A Newborn. Is there a written pattern on the site and I don't know where to look?