January 26, 2016

Show And Tell #19 - Drag Queens and Narwhals

Let's get right into the show notes!


- I finally finished the Roll City Rollers socks! I had to use Knit Picks Stroll in Ash for the toes since I ran out of the Felici, but they're still cute and will be great for around the house! I used US 1 2.25 mm knitting needles to make these.

- I made Meghan's Hat by Yarning for Sanity out of Caron Simply Soft in Pagoda. I used an H 5 mm hook for most of the hat and a E 3.5 mm hook for the ribbing. It did turn out a little small for my noggin, so I believe this will be a gift. Possibly for my sister Megan. :)

- I also finished a heart banner/bunting type thing that you can see in the background. I'll have more details about that later on.


- I'm still working on the spinning that I've shown many times before. Fiber and Turkish spindle both by Turtle Made.

- I cast on a cardigan for myself (one of two towards a goal for the year). I'm doing the Flaming June pattern by Cheryl Niamath. I'm using US 5 3.75 mm needles (they're my ChiaoGoo interchangeables). For the yarn, I'm using Knit Picks Hawthorne Kettle Dye in Blackbird and Slate. I've reached the point to change colors, but I think I'm going to do the colors different. Instead of color blocking, I think I'm going to do stripes like another maker of the cardigan did.


- I bought a lovely Narwhal sock sized bag from Fat Squirrel Fibers! I had to have it and if you see me show it to you in this video, you will know why! :)

- I also bought some Funko Pop figurines (Snape and Harry) on a whim. Well, perhaps not a whim. Alan Rickman passed away and I was sad so...that happened.


- The HVAC is working properly, maybe. I'm going to get our guy out to check it because I have this strong feeling that all is not what it seems on that front. Fingers crossed!

- My husband and I went and saw Kinky Boots! It is a musical about a shoemaker and a drag queen and the hijinks they get into. That's actually an oversimplification really, but I don't want to give it away. It was a fun show and I loved the drag queens! 

- Snow. That really has to be a complete sentence at this point. My area of the world didn't see much, but south of me where some family lives got a lot. Not nearly the amounts that some of you on the east coast saw, but still way more than usual. I hope everyone is staying warm and has lots of projects to work on!


- I'm still watching Star Trek: Voyager, but I am sure I'll be done with the series by next time. Any suggestions for what I should watch next?

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