February 8, 2016

Show And Tell #20 - Virtual Gold Stars

It's been almost 3 years since I started making videos on the CraftingWithClaudie Youtube channel! It so doesn't feel like it's been that long! My videos have evolved. I never dreamed that I would start a podcast! I'm doing tutorials and other goodies that I really had no idea would happen.

Interacting with all of you is the best part about all of this! I have made some amazing friends and hope to make more!


- Granny Square using RHSS. These were scraps from the first ever blanket I made. It was a Tunisian crochet afghan I designed and gave to my mom...wonky as it was! This square isn't going to be used for anything yet. I'm not going to participate in the Ugly Blanket 2016 challenge that Amy(mingmow) started because I have that lingering crochet blanket I want to finish before starting another giant blanket project. :)


- I started a basic crochet beanie hat out of scraps. I really need to get to making those charity hats!

- I'm still working on the spinning I've shown a few times now. The fiber and spindle are both from Turtle Made. The project bag is from Kicks and Giggles.

- I started a pair of socks using the stitch pattern from the Syncopation Socks by Mary Henninger. I cast on using Judy's Magic Cast-on. I am doing a rounded toe and will do a Fish Lips Kiss heel when I get to that point. I'm using US 1 2.5 mm needles from Knit Picks. These are living in my Narwhal bag from Fat Squirrel Fibers.


- Spoonflower was offering a free sample so I chose this Harry Potter inspired fabric of a golden snitch designed by Karen Hallion.

- I hit up Michael's for some cross-stitch supplies. I bought some floss, hoops, and Aida cloth. I'll let you all know what I think of the cloth and hoops once I have a chance to use them. They're both the Loops & Threads brand which I've never tried before.


- I have been super sick. I missed a lot of crafting time because I was sleeping and trying to get better.

- By the weekend, I felt like I could go outside again so we went to an open house in a neighborhood we like. The listing had some definite Photoshopping going on in the pictures because the reality just didn't live up to what was presented. The house wasn't bad, but it would be way too big for just the two of us. Though our two cats do take up a lot of space!

- We went to a Super Bowl party on Sunday and had a lot of fun, even if I wasn't rooting for either team. I made pulled BBQ chicken and cole slaw to take and it seemed to be a hit.

- I'm still holding strong on my Yarn Buying Ban. See the details from Erin and from Clare.


- I finished Voyager and I don't think I'll be watching it again for a while. I like to take long breaks before rewatching such long shows.

- While I was sick, my husband settled me on the sofa and turned on Star Trek: Deep Space 9 to have on in the background while I slept the days away. I have watched a couple of episodes since returning to consciousness. :)

- Nurse Jackie! Oh yes, I am enjoying this show. I had heard good things about it and am glad that it is so good. I am getting nervous because things are going to come crashing down and it's going to be bad for Jackie.

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