March 7, 2016

Show And Tell #22 - You Are A Shark

Join in on the Birthday Craft-Along!


- I've been extra busy lately. Couple that with my inability to focus for longer than 20 minutes these days and I did not finish nearly as much as I wanted to. Oh well... just keep swimming! Who else is excited for Finding Nemo 2? :D


- Cabled Hat by Dora Stephensen  -- I made this as a birthday gift for my Mom as part of the Birthday Craft-Along. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Blue Heather and US 4 3.5 mm and US 7 4.5 mm needles. 


- The first 2 oz of the fiber I bought at A Wool Gathering in 2014 from Turtle Made is done! Now onto the second 2 oz. :) The Turkish Spindle is also from Turtle Made


- Socks using the Syncopation Socks pattern by Mary Henninger - I'm now ready to do Fish Lips Kiss Heels on both socks! Not a lot of progress for 2 weeks, but hopefully I will have these done the next episode. I'm using US 1 2.5 mm needles

- Freezing January cardigan (Freezing June by Cheryl Naimath) - I made a little bit of progress on this cardigan. Instead of the color blocking, I am doing a striping sequence inspired by someone's project page so I'm getting ready to bring black back into the equation.


- Washi Tape! From Amazon here and here.

- I also bought some blocking wires that haven't yet arrived. More on those later!


- I finished Nurse Jackie. Did you know that the series finale has a cliff-hanger? I didn't and I don't enjoy them at the end of series. But, the show was really good so I'll forgive them.  Mostly.

- Because I needed to watch something light and funny, I watched Talladega Nights. Hilarious as I remember it being. I wanna go fast!

- My husband and I have been playing Roll for the Galaxy. So much recommend! It's become one of our favorites!

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