February 7, 2013

Things To Come

I thought I might go ahead and give a little introduction to this site and to me. Here goes!

I have been crafting for what seems like forever. I remember being very young and doing cross-stitch with my aunt and then, of course, there were all of the art classes in grade school. Those awesome ornaments and Mother's Day cards count, right?

Lately, I've noticed that more people have been asking me to teach them how to do things like knit, crochet, or use their sewing machine. I really enjoy helping my friends and family learn something new and figure things out. Given that, I wasn't really surprised when I turned to my husband as we sat in our office and said, "I'm thinking about putting craft tutorial videos up on Youtube."

Since I said those words, I've been busy getting things ready. It's amazing how many accounts I had to create. Sometimes I forget just how much social media I normally use and would need to use to get the word out and stay in contact with those that (hopefully) watch my videos.

And now a few more things about me. My name's Claudie (hence the whole Crafting with Claudie thing) and I live in Cincinnati with my husband and two adorable cats. Other than crafts, I like to devour complete runs of shows on Netflix, play the occasional video game (the Sims!), and write.. Oh, and I really to organize things. There's something so satisfying about everything having a place and knowing where everything is. That comes in handy considering the amount of craft supplies that I own!

I'm really looking forward to what the future will hold with this site and my Youtube page. I really hope that what I'm putting out there, people will pick up and run with. Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone knew how to knit, for instance? Then my husband wouldn't look at me quizzically when I talk about double pointed needles. :) Okay, so that's probably never going to happen, but I do hope that I'm able to assist those that do want to learn. I like helping, what can I say?

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