December 19, 2013

Greeting Card Garland

Throwing away a greeting card that someone sent me is not the easiest for me. I normally place the Christmas cards in a box as I'm taking down decorations and rarely look at them from then on. Rather than having these cards there, I decided to make them into something that I will use and will look at for at least a month during the year. :)

I say in the video to not use the really special cards, the most sentimental. You'd regret that, I'd think. Use the rest to make something to make your home more festive! 

This craft is so easy that you could have your children in on the process if you wanted. When I was little, we would make paper chain garlands every year. They didn't hold up year to year though. As long as you take these down and put them in something that will protect them a little, they should last for a long time. I usually put mine in a decorative box that I use for holiday decorations and they haven't been harmed.

If you wanted, you could easily put this on your tree rather than hanging it from your wall. I, however, have a couple of cats. One of which cannot leave anything dangling in the tree for too long without trying her hardest to rip it out and drag it across the room. So on the wall they go! 

I hope everyone has a really happy and crafty holiday season!

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