January 22, 2014


I finally joined Instagram...again. See, I had an account a long time ago, but I posted all of three pictures on there and after a lot of time, I just deleted the account. What was the point of having it if I wasn't going to use it, right?

Well, I decided to give it another go. I've already got more than three pictures so I consider that a win. Well, a win of a really small battle I guess.

Anyway, I am writing this to sort of acknowledge that yes, I do have an Instagram and to give you the URL. Well, a link to the URL...right here.

I also added the link over on the sidebar and a little taste of the pictures on there. But, I wanted to show you this picture that I snapped right after I stopped rolling on a video I was filming today.

Adorable, isn't she? Maybe this was the real reason for the post? :)

So, feel free to follow me on Instagram if you want. It's going to be a bunch of randomness, but fun randomness, I'm sure!

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