February 10, 2014

Easy Chain Infinity Scarf / Necklace

This is such an easy scarf to make, but it is really pretty. Plus, it takes almost no time at all to make! 

Materials used:
30 yards of sparkly yarn ( I used Red Heart Boutique Sashay Metallic in the Diamonds colorway)
Q sized crochet hook (or your fingers, if you prefer)
Tapestry needle if you decide to weave in the ends.

Stitches Used:
Chain Stitch: http://youtu.be/Jwb4jkZDfZs

Make a slipknot then chain stitch until you've reached the desired length.
Join ends.
Loop scarf however you prefer around your neck. 
You can use the ends to secure the scarf in the way you have it or just weave them in.


  1. thanks for the video!! I found it very helpful! I have a few skeins of this yarn left over from last season (and found some for 50c yesterday) - and now the ruffle craze is over was wondering what to do with it!!

    1. I'm glad I was able to help! I prefer these chain scarves to the ruffle ones, myself, but then again I don't usually wear ruffled anything. :D

  2. Thank you So much for this pattern. You solved my secret santa quandary. My secret santa recipient walked up behind me while I was on redheart's website at work one day and squealed like a little girl about the sashay yarn in patriotic colors. I bought a ball, but it sat on my table for two weeks because I just could not bring myself to make ruffles. I was looking for a pattern for another project when I found this one. I finger croched the entire ball in about 20 minutes. It looks amazing and I'm sure it will be loved by my recipient. Now I will have to get a ball for myself, though not in red, white and blue, and make one for myself too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. That's awesome! I think the ruffle scarves look cool...on other people, but not on me! :) The yarn itself is really pretty and I've made quite a few of these in different colors for gifts and whatnot and they've always been well-received to say the least. I am glad I could help!