June 30, 2015

Show And Tell #5 -- All Of The Stuff

And I'm back for another installment of Show And Tell. 


Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be that formal! Seriously, I recorded another video yesterday to show off all of the stuff I've finished and am working on and that I bought. I might have went a little crazy and bought a bunch of yarn. But it's mostly sock yarn and therefore doesn't count. That's the rumor at least!

I am wondering if I should start doing show notes. Like put up links and things. What do you all think? I probably should. I think I will. I might come back and edit this post later and add them. Not right now though. I'm drinking my breakfast (hello, green juice you are delicious) and getting ready to put yarn away (it keeps getting out of its holding cell). 

Talk to you all later!

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