March 21, 2016

Show And Tell #23 - Ultimately Star Trek

Be sure to check out the Ravelry group to join in on the Birthday Craft-Along!


- My husband and I saw Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage last Tuesday and had a great time. I expected the orchestra to be bigger, but it was a great show.

- Taxes...

- Windows 10 was installed on my computer without my permission. Not too thrilled and it's causing some issues it seems so I'll probably be reverting back.


- My socks using the Syncopation Socks pattern by Mary Henninger are done!!! I think I might have needed to start the Fish Lips Kiss Heel a couple of rows sooner, but I'm happy to have them completed!


- Most of the WIPs I showed last week got no attention this week because of that whole being busy thing.

- I am working on a baby blanket pattern/tutorial so be on the lookout for that.


- Inspinknity Blocking Wires which I used to block the Asunder shawl I finished back in Dec. Happy to have that done too! For the shawl I used Lamby Toes in Bad Egg and Cyborg's Craft Room in Stepping Stones. Amanda from Lamby Toes had a podcast you should check out called Knot A Podcast.

- Knit Picks has a 15% off coupon right now so you might want to take a look!


- I'm on the last season of DS9 so I'll have to find something new to watch soon.

- Cuckoo is a Netflix show. It's has a bit of NSFW humor so if that's not your thing, you should probably pass.

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